Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hide and Seek

Nathan's favorite hiding spot!  He hasn't quite picked up on the game though.
Nathan: "Mommy, you go out there and then come find me."
Me:  "OK." Out in the hall I count to ten then playing along I'll say "Where is Nathan?"
Nathan: "Mommy, I'm in here.  Over here by the animals!"

Ha...I love this little boy!!


Sundays can be a little crazy for the Barnes' kids because it usually means nap times are cut shorter and/or do not happen at all!  This is what happened when I attempted to put Rebekah in the crib in the church nursery for a nap.

Who wants to sleep when your sweet friend Lauren is playing right next to you!!  These 2 girls were born just hours is so fun watching them grow together!

Such a cute little lady!! 
Their faces crack me up!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Beginning

So...I've decided to start blogging about all the fun, daily adventures we have at the Barnes' house!  I am hoping it will serve as a journal for us to look back on and remember these fun days!   My sweet friend Ashley practically set it all up for me...doesn't it look awesome?  We'll see how it goes! 
My sweet babies!  I couldn't be more grateful for them!!  We pray that Nathan always adores his baby sister as much as he does now!