Friday, October 21, 2011

Rough Day, Sweet Night

Today was one of those days with my strong willed boy.  I felt like I was constantly correcting him on everything and I was just FRUSTRATED!!  He asked me several times why I was talking like a bad guy.  I wanted to laugh (or cry)!  Reasoning with a 3 year old can be rough!  Anyway, after several spankings, several time outs, no nap, lots of tears shed by both of us, did I mention no nap...we had the sweetest snuggle time together right before he went to sleep.  I told him that even though he made mommy very frustrated today that I still love him...and always will.  I told him that there is no other boy that I would rather have as my son!  We sang Amazing Grace and I was convicted thinking about the grace that God shows me OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!  We said our Bible verse and I prayed for him.  I prayed that God would give him a heart that loves Him and that desires to be obedient.  I prayed that God would give me the wisdom and patience and love to be his mommy!  I thanked God for all my many blessings.  He prayed next, thanking God for his heart, his family and his friends.  In the midst of talking about his lamp and pictures, he asked God to help him to be obedient and then he said, "Thank you God for all my many besslings!" 
I just love that boy and am SO thankful for his life AND ... that he is finally asleep:).

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mawsie & Pawsie

Mawsie and Pawsie came to visit too.  We went to Arkansas to visit the fam there for a couple of days!
 Nathan got to fish with Pawsie and Uncle Jim.
 He wasn't quite sure of the fish.
 Riding the seadoo was a HUGE hit!
 We provided quite the entertainment at the Mexican restaurant in Hot Springs!

 Look at that smirk...such a mess!
 Mom and Dad bought Nathan a pirate costume...he LOVED it! 
 What is this face???
 I love this precious picture of Rebekah and my mom!!
 These 2 were quite the pair!

Mom and Dad, thanks for making the trip to come and visit us...we had a blast!
I am so thankful our kids have such wonderful grandparents!  
Nan & Pappy and Mawsie & Pawsie...we love and appreciate you all!!

Nan & Pappy

Nan and Pappy came to visit last month!  As always, we had a blast! 
 Rebekah got a new cute Alabama dress.
  Of course, Daddy was proud!
 Nan also picked out a sweet pink dress for Rebekah.
 Nathan wouldn't move the water bottle...oh well, it's still a cute pic.
 2. 5 men in a baby pool...a sight to see!

 Nathan had a blast bowling.  He thought the dinosaur "slide" was the coolest!
 Pappy and Rebekah!
 We spent a couple nights at the Gaylord Texan (what an incredible place) with Nan.
I love this pic of my little fish!!

Thanks for coming Nan and Pappy...come back soon!

little sweeties...

 I just love these two!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hide and Seek

Nathan's favorite hiding spot!  He hasn't quite picked up on the game though.
Nathan: "Mommy, you go out there and then come find me."
Me:  "OK." Out in the hall I count to ten then playing along I'll say "Where is Nathan?"
Nathan: "Mommy, I'm in here.  Over here by the animals!"

Ha...I love this little boy!!


Sundays can be a little crazy for the Barnes' kids because it usually means nap times are cut shorter and/or do not happen at all!  This is what happened when I attempted to put Rebekah in the crib in the church nursery for a nap.

Who wants to sleep when your sweet friend Lauren is playing right next to you!!  These 2 girls were born just hours is so fun watching them grow together!

Such a cute little lady!! 
Their faces crack me up!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Beginning

So...I've decided to start blogging about all the fun, daily adventures we have at the Barnes' house!  I am hoping it will serve as a journal for us to look back on and remember these fun days!   My sweet friend Ashley practically set it all up for me...doesn't it look awesome?  We'll see how it goes! 
My sweet babies!  I couldn't be more grateful for them!!  We pray that Nathan always adores his baby sister as much as he does now!